16 a 18 Oct. 2024

Champalimaud Research (CR) Symposium 2024

16 – 18 Oct 2024

Venue: Champalimaud Centre for the Unknown, Lisbon, Portugal

Champalimaud Research (CR) Symposium 2024

CRSy24 - The ‘Ecology’ of Cancer: Understanding and Targeting Cancer-Host Interactions

#CRSy24 #TheEcologyOfCancer aims to bring together a diverse range of researchers to explore fundamental aspects of cancer initiation and progression within the organism's broader context. A main focus of this symposium will be the multidimensional interplay of tumour cells with different components of the local microenvironment, including diverse subsets of immune cells, the vasculature, neurons and stromal cells. Furthermore, #CRSy24 will address the long-range impacts of the microbiome on cancer development and vice versa, how cancer impacts systemic metabolism and overall physiology. The symposium is also expected to highlight new avenues opened up through the advancement of new technologies, including genome engineering, spectral flow cytometry, spatial and single cell omics. Its ultimate goal is to deepen our understanding of cancer-host interactions, and to identify new avenues for research, collaboration and application. 

During three eventful days, this symposium will provide a forum for a broader community of basic researchers, clinicians, technology entrepreneurs and patient advocates to discuss emerging themes in the field of cancer biology that are expected to shape future directions of cancer therapies.

Researchers and students have until 12 July to submit their abstracts, which will undergo scientific evaluation to ensure consistency with the topic of the symposium (registration won’t be required at this stage). 

Call for Abstracts

A limited number of abstracts will be selected for short talks, while the others will be invited for poster presentations. Authors will be notified of the results in early August. Also, as it happened in previous editions, a few travel grants will be available.

Further details can be found in the Abstracts section of the #CRSy24 #TheEcologyOfCancer website


This symposium has an exciting programme, with talks by internationally renowned speakers (see the list below), selected short presentations, poster sessions, and networking opportunities, alongside social activities in sunny Lisbon.


Lastly, we extend our gratitude to our institutional partners, notably the Portuguese Association for Cancer Research (ASPIC)︎, the Portuguese Society of Immunology (SPI)︎ and the Portuguese Biochemical Society.

Looking forward to meeting you in October!

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