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For the future

Today, more than ever, we must approach the big issues of the present through education and the transmission of knowledge.

Commitment to education as a pillar for societal development is one of the Champalimaud Foundation’s priorities and one of the main components of its mission. Through a concerted action plan, which includes advanced educational programmes, symposia, courses, and events that involve the whole community, the Foundation seeks to train the next generation of scientific leaders and to disseminate the most relevant scientific discoveries.

In terms of education, the Foundation’s initiatives can be divided into three categories, each one designed to train, educate, and inspire.

The first and maybe the most visible one is the Champimóvel. Its innovative and recreational nature made it a success right from its first voyage. It is a mobile, interactive and 3D experience that introduces children to the latest topics in medical science. Champimóvel and its ambassador, Champi, are about science in action and are one of the Foundation’s most important tools to awaken young people’s interest in biomedical topics and inspire future generations of scientists and health professionals.

In a second area, through advanced training and educational programmes, the Foundation attracts students and professionals from all over the world. The most notable among these are the International Neuroscience an Physiology Doctoral Programme (INPDP), the Advanced Neuroscience Training Programme (CAJAL), the European Academy for Robotic Colorectal Surgery (EARCS), and the Advanced Radiotherapy Techniques Clinical School.

Lastly, by organising symposia and seminars, the Foundation fulfils its mission to make scientific knowledge available to everyone. Through the Champalimaud Research Symposium, the Ar seminars, and countless medical and scientific meetings and events, the Foundation seeks to bring world-renowned specialists to Portugal to share their work and knowledge.

Education is a lifelong commitment. That is why the Champalimaud Foundation strives to be present at every step of the process – from the youngest strata of the population, which in the future will take up the path we are now treading, to the students, scientists, and professionals who want to do more for themselves and the world, to the elders who want to accompany us and share with us this exciting voyage of discovery.

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