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Since 2008, more than 300,000 children have followed Champi on a thrilling interactive 3D journey through the human body. The Champimóvel's innovative concept applies the playful aspects of a simulator, a 3D video, and a game, to learning complex concepts in a simplified way.

The Champimóvel is leaving its mark on children, giving them a new way to look at medical science, awakening them to new areas of action such as stem cells, nanotechnology, DNA and gene therapy, and inspiring future generations of scientists and physicians.

The format of this traveling exhibition makes it possible to bring science to young people, wherever they are, by ensuring its presence at schools, in prime locations from the north to the south of Portugal and Spain, and at various events dedicated to science, education and fun.

It is an inclusive educational programme, both in terms of the equipment and the team, which are prepared to receive children with special needs. The whole experience is adapted to meet the specificities of such groups.

With the creation of Champimóvel, the Foundation seeks to stimulate the creativity and the imagination of the youngest ones, while motivating them to put themselves at the service of science. The Champalimaud Foundation also aims to complement the existing programme with new educational resources, which will give continuity to this journey of discovery, and that we hope will be motivating for all those who, like us, have a childlike enthusiasm for the wonder of science.


For teachers
The Champalimaud Foundation also aims to give support and supply educational material to accompany Champimóvel. For this, we welcome comments and suggestions from teachers about the best ways to adapt and improve our pedagogical tools.


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Access here the educational supporting material for the Champimóvel visit.


It was the most wonderful day of my life and I will remember it until I’m old.

(Child from Penamacor)



Follow the Champimóvel

Follow the Champimóvel

The Champimóvel tour is on hold due to the current COVID-19 pandemic.

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