Crossing Art with Science


Crossing Art with Science

A bridge is built to link two points that were previously separate or isolated from each other. In order to establish new knowledge bridges, the initiative Bridges to the unknown - crossing art with science will intersect the two major areas of activity of the Champalimaud Foundation – scientific research and healthcare – with artistic research and creation. The aim of this initiative is to involve society at large in this transdisciplinary dialogue, promoting access to knowledge.

The first steps of Bridges to the unknown – crossing art with science began in September 2021, with the launch of the first edition of an art-science residency programme. Invited artists work in synergy with researchers and health care professionals from the Champalimaud Centre for the Unknown. The process of interdisciplinary research and the resulting co-creation from the residencies will be shared with the public through on-site activities.



Bridges to the unknown is an initiative that invites the various communities – internal, local, national and international – to inhabit the Champalimaud Centre for the Unknown and to create an atmosphere of knowledge exchange and curiosity stimulation. 

Through this initiative, the Champalimaud Foundation seeks to assert and consolidate its interest in promoting cultural and intellectual diversity, and fostering the co-construction of a better future.

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Crossing Art with Science

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Bridges to the Unknown

Bridges to the Unknown Team

Julia Salaroli and Patrícia Correia joined forces to respond to the challenge of creating, implementing and coordinating the art-science programme of the Champalimaud Foundation, Bridges to the Unknown - crossing art with science. Julia with her training in art and Patrícia with hers in neuroscience, are committed to searching for bridges between these (and other) areas of research. What they want to achieve through Bridges to the Unknown is to potentiate dialogues, and foster co-research and co-creation focusing on the intersection between different areas of human knowledge. You can reach the team through the following email:

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