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Since the beginning, Champalimaud Research (CR) has defined as one of its main goals the education of future scientists. For this, CR has developed and implemented several educational programmes, advanced courses, and workshops. The most relevant is undoubtedly the International Neuroscience Doctoral Programme (INDP), one of the PhD programmes of the Champalimaud Foundation. Additionally, alongside INDP, the Champalimaud Foundation offers a Doctoral Programme in Cancer, further emphasising its' commitment to advancing knowledge and expertise in critical areas of scientific research.

International PhDs in Neuroscience or Cancer

Graduate Training

PhD Programmes in Neuroscience and Cancer

We provide PhD students with an integrative, state-of-the-art education in either Neuroscience or Cancer. A central goal is to foster inquiry and discovery by encouraging active participation, critical thinking, and problem-solving by the students. 

When applying, students should choose one of the following tracks: Neuroscience or Cancer. The initial year consists of classes and lab rotations. After a common module about the fundamentals in Biology of neuroscience and cancer, students have specific modules depending on the track they select.

The Neuroscience track includes courses focused on the neuronal and circuit basis of behaviour, whereas the Cancer track is focused on cancer-body interactions, spanning the molecular, cellular, and clinical basis of physiology and cancer within the broader context of the organism. The courses have a strong practical component, as well as focus on quantitative skills. In addition, students also perform laboratory rotations, which allow them to familiarise themselves with the research done across different labs and join the lab where they will conduct their doctoral research. 

Admitted students will receive full funding, renewable every year up to a maximum of 6 years, covering living expenses, tuition, and fees, and will be mentored to apply for external fellowships as part of the curriculum.

We seek talented students to work in a supportive, inclusive, and collaborative environment that trains individuals to participate in the process of scientific inquiry leading to discoveries. Emphasis is given to diverse thinking, positive behaviour, and well-being as core elements for creativity, critical thinking, and leadership.

The applications for the two PhD Programmes call are now closed. If you are interested in applying to our PhD programmes, please fill out this form so we can notify you when the call opens.

To know more about the INDP, please follow this link.

International Neuroscience Doctoral Programme (INDP)
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