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Risk Assessment Programme
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Risk Assessment Programme

Changing prognostics through risk assessment and early diagnosis

Early diagnosis is a determinant factor for cure. That is why at the Champalimaud Clinical Centre we provide a complete risk assessment and early diagnosis service.

This programme was launched in 2013 and is aimed at identifying prevalent risks for the types of cancer for which there are guidelines or good clinical practice recommendations, such as breast, digestive, lung, prostate, and gynaecological cancers.

Because we believe in a personalised medicine model, we provide initial consultations that pay special attention to the individual’s gender, age, lifestyle, clinical history, and genetic risk to identify the most significant risk factors. Based on this preliminary evaluation, we then trigger a set of actions, including consultations with specialists and/or medical exams, specifically planned to respond to the needs of each evaluated case.

Later on, a follow-up consultation is scheduled with the same doctor to discuss the results and define an action plan based on the individual’s risk factors. This plan may include lifestyle recommendations or define a calendar to perform regular medical exams. The Risk Assessment Programme actively monitors each case and if necessary recommends exams and analysis in order to ensure early diagnosis and thus obtain better results in case of a cancer diagnosis.

Whenever possible, we try to prevent cancer or to diagnose it in its initial stages, to guarantee successful treatment and improvements in the patient’s quality of life.

Since 2015, the initial assessment utilises Dermatology and Nutrition consultations, which are often needed for a global and personalised evaluation of the individuals who seek our service. Whenever the family history of the patient warrants it, a genetic risk assessment is performed by a genetics expert.

Clinical Programmes

Risk Assessment Programme

Meet our team

The Champalimaud Clinical Centre’s Risk Assessment Programme is carried out by physicians and health professionals belonging to the different Multidisciplinary Pathology Units.

Paulo Fidalgo

Paulo Fidalgo, Head, MD


Ana Fidalgo

Ana Fidalgo, MD


Andreia Saraiva

Andreia Saraiva

Patient Manager

Catarina Sousa Guerreiro

Catarina Sousa Guerreiro


Celeste Alves

Celeste Alves, MD


Durval Costa

Durval Costa, MD, PhD

Nuclear Medicine

Henrique Nabais

Henrique Nabais, MD


Jorge Fonseca, MD


Paula Gonzaga

Paula Gonzaga

Patient Manager

Rogério Matos

Rogério Matos, MD


Rute Fonseca

Rute Fonseca

Patient Manager

Sérgio Castedo, MD


Vasco Louro

Vasco Louro, MD

Radiation oncology

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