13 a 13 May. 2022 - 01:30

Champalimaud Cancer Talk: Dr. Bettina Ryll

On May 13th, at 1.30 pm, the Champalimaud Foundation is pleased to welcome Dr. Bettina Ryll for a public event on the "Cancer Mission Board, Beating Cancer Plan and European Cancer Research in the future”, taking place at the Champalimaud Foundation's Seminar Room.

Champalimaud Cancer Talk: Dr. Bettina Ryll

Dr. Ryll has been an extremely active member of the EU Cancer Mision Board, and a pioneer in how good patient-researcher partnerships can boost the quality of research and the impact of its results. 

In her talk, Betina will address the increasing integration of research and healthcare, the newly announced European Health Data Space (EHDS) and the upcoming partnership for Personalised Medicine, and reflect on the importance of innovation capacity, effective cross-sectorial collaboration and civic engagement. This talk represents a unique opportunity for anyone pursuing research (including basic and translational research) and is interested in taking its impact further. 

Short bio: Bettina Ryll is the founder of the Melanoma Patient Network Europe and was member of the first EU Cancer Mission Board. A physician by training and with a PhD in Biomedical Sciences from University College London, she became a patient advocate after losing her husband to cancer. Her work focuses on patient-centric innovation, covering the full spectrum from basic research over successful translation and clinical trials to timely and equitable implementation. Most recently and trigged by her work on the EU Cancer Mission Board, her particular interest has been how to best leverage the potential of personalised medicine for patients and society through novel forms of collaboration and the support of health policy and governance.


To register for Dr. Bettina Ryll lecture on May 13th, at 1.30pm, please click here. The talk will be in English and admission is free, limited to the number of seats available, so don't forget to register to guarantee your place. * Depending on the number of registrants, the talk may move to the Champalimaud Foundation’s Auditorium.

On the day of the event and depending on the number of no-shows and free seats available, people who show up without a reservation will be allowed entry. If you have already registered, don't forget your digital ticket that you must present on the day of the conference.

Following Interactive Workshop

After the talk, a 1-hour interactive workshop on DT4PCR- Design Thinking for Patients in Cancer Research, will follow.
Decision-makers and research funders increasingly demand the involvement of patients in cancer research. While some communities seem to be able to build surprisingly creative and effective partnerships, others rather experience frustration on all sides. Using Design Thinking, we have developed a tool that allows to effectively explore the factors that lead to successful and long-term sustainable partnerships between research and patient communities in as little as an hour. Join us on Friday, 13th May to test it yourself!

This workshop has a limited number of registrations open, so please express your interest in the registration form.

It will be a pleasure to welcome you to the Champalimaud Centre for the Unknown on the 13th of May.

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