21 a 21 May. 2022 - 18:00

Evolving emotions: getting a feel for the world

Few things shape what it is to be human as profoundly as our emotions. Though we may feel them deeply, do we really understand their meaning, diversity, and how they help us make sense of our environment?

FREE >> SATURDAY, MAY 21 >> 6-10 PM

Evolving emotions: getting a feel for the world

In this special Ar event, as part of the Emotions Brain Forum series celebrating Women in Science, we invite you to take a broad look at emotions with us.

We will explore how emotions help individuals, from insects to humans, relate to the world and get a feel of the state of their surroundings. 

Marta Moita from the Champalimaud Foundation will speak about the role of emotions in signalling and navigating potential dangers, while Suzanne Oosterwijk, from the Amsterdam Interdisciplinary Center for Emotion, will show that emotions do not drive only avoidance behaviours but also exploration via curiosity. Eva Jablonka, from The Cohn Institute for the History and Philosophy of Science and Ideas, will address the co-evolution of emotions and language, as well as the evolution of aesthetic and intellectual emotions. In the same register, Valeria Gazzola, from the Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience, will highlight the function emotions have in regulating social interactions, while Elizabeth Phelps, from Harvard University, will explore the intersection between emotion and memories.

The complex spectrum of emotions will also be expressed from an artistic perspective, including music, dance and visual arts. 

This event will bring together Sofia Dias and Vítor Roriz, dancers and choreographers, who will present a piece that through the use of words, voice and movement will place the audience in the chaotic way of how the mind perceives and connects events, Lula Pena, singer, composer and poet who will guide the public through different emotional landscapes with her music and Tupac Martir and Clo Bougard, artists in residence at the Champalimaud Foundation who will present an interactive installation where the public will be able to performatively and playfully select different emotions to experience.

On May 21st, join us as we will share and experience convergent and divergent perspectives from neuroscience, philosophy and the arts, and celebrate the emotions that shape our lives.

This live event will be in English and will also be transmitted online.

To know more about the invited speakers, programme and registration, visit the Ar Event webpage.

Evolving Emotions Programme


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