26 a 28 Jan. 2023

Metamersion: Latent Spaces

Metamersion: Latent Spaces is back next week, with an eclectic mix of film, installation art, and VR (not to forget a friendly AI robot), round tables and music performances.

Metamersion: Latent Spaces, New dates

Metamersion: Latent Spaces - a free immersive exhibition featuring art, science & technology pieces - is back with new dates!

26th, 27th Jan - 7pm to 12am

28th Jan - 5pm to 12am

Bar by Flamingo Bar & Food by chef Hugo Candeias, Ofício 

Champalimaud Warehouse - Doca Pesca F

Entrance is free, but registration is needed here.


Pieces / Installations

Choreographic objects - an installation and film by the renowned artist William Forsythe;

Latent Space I - a piece that combines film, installation art and virtual reality created by an eclectic team including Champalimaud Foundation researchers, artists Tupac Martir and André Gonçalves, art collective Lunar Ring and the artist duo mots;

Atavic Forest - an immersive installation by neuroscientists Gonçalo Guiomar and Zach Mainen, art collective Lunar Ring and sound artist Jonathan Uliel Saldanha;

Palimpsest 0.0.1 - an installation that invites participants to a dialogue with next-generation machine intelligence carried out by exchanging images, by a team of Champalimaud Foundation's neuroscientists.

Wingy - a friendly artificial intelligence robotic device, developed by a multidisciplinary team from Champalimaud Foundation.

MindPod & MindMotion GO - Two game-based digital therapy, developed by MindMaze and neurologist/neuroscientist John Krakauer.


Music performance @ Atavic Forest

Co-Production: POGO

Jan 26, 9:30pm: Sal Grosso and Aires
Curated by Colectivo Casa Amarela

Jan 27, 9:30pm: Phoebe, Usof and Odete 
Curated by Rotten \ Fresh 

Jan 28, 9:30pm: Carincur and João Pedro Fonseca
Curated by ZABRA

Tickets available onsite, on the day of the concert. The cost will revert entirely to the artists.


Round tables*

Friday 27/01, 19:30: Latent Space I creative process 
Participants: Octavian Mot (mots), Zach Mainen (Champalimaud Neuroscience Research) and Johannes Stelzer (Lunar Ring)
Moderator: Razvan Sandru (Champalimaud Neuroscience Research)

Saturday 28/01, 19:30: What is AI? From natural to artificial intelligence
Participants: Joe Paton (Champalimaud Neuroscience Research), Daniel McNamee (Champalimaud Neuroscience Research) and Helena Moniz (INESC-ID at IST)
Moderator: João Gabriel (Shifter)

* Attendance limited to the available space.


Access this link for more information on the programme and details on the pieces exhibited.

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