27 Sep. 2024

Symposium "Lung Cancer Fight Club - 2nd Round"

27 September 2024

Venue: CF Auditorium

Symposium "Lung Cancer Fight Club - 2nd Round"

Lung Cancer Fight Club - 2nd Round
September 27, 2024


Organising Committee: Nuno Gil * Rita Barata * Susana Simões


On behalf of the Lung Unit Team of the Champalimaud Clinical Centre, we would like to invite you to participate in our second Lung Cancer Meeting - "Lung Cancer Fight Club -2nd Round", which will take place in the Champalimaud Foundation Auditorium on 27th September 2024.

This meeting aims to bring together colleagues from different areas within the lung cancer field to discuss recent developments and unresolved issues. This year’s programme will feature a stepwise virtual clinical case, designed to challenge our scientific acumen, while also prompting ethical considerations.


Registration is free but limited to the number of seats available. Register here and secure your spot.


To stay updated with the programme and invited speakers, please refer to the provisional schedule here.

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