22 a 24 Jul. 2021 - 12:30

The Wizardry of AI and Machine Learning in Cancer Imaging

This joint initiative of the Champalimaud Foundation and the International Cancer Imaging Society is a multidisciplinary meeting that will have a special focus on the development and application of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) in Cancer Imaging. This fully online meeting will be held between the 22nd and the 24th of July.

The Wizardry of AI and Machine Learning in Cancer Imaging

Following the highly successful 2019 edition, attended by around 400 delegates from over 30 countries, the 2021 meeting aims to promote better understanding and application of AI and ML in cancer imaging; and provide a multidisciplinary forum for radiologists, technicians/radiographers, scientists and industrial partners to discuss and interact.

Meeting goals

1) To understand the real world translation of how imaging departments can prepare for AI;
2) To review key AI and machine techniques for cancer imaging;
3) To learn advances and controversies in AI and machine learning;
4) To understand the perspectives from industry and health policy makers;
5) To learn from examples of clinical use cases and lessons learnt in their development.

Registration fee and form

The cost to attend this three day meeting is £65. The registration fee, due to ICIS, is charged to defray facilitation costs of this virtual meeting.

To register, please access the ICIS webpage, and fill in this dedicated form.


12 CPD credits will be awarded according to the CPD scheme of the Royal College of Radiologists and EACCME accreditation has been applied for. This is a commercial-free meeting, in line with the educational mission of the International Cancer Imaging Society and the Champalimaud Foundation. 

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