22 a 26 Jan. 2024

Workshop on Interactive AI Systems for Digital Therapeutics

Join us for a week of immersive AI exploration, bridging perception and creativity, at the Champalimaud Foundation, January 22-26, 2024.

Workshop on Interactive AI Systems for Digital Therapeutics

Over the last years, AI technologies mediating interactions between humans and machines have made remarkable advances, especially in the area of generative AI. This allows not only for tracking and interpreting human behaviour but also for the creation of content like text, images and audio in real-time. These developments enable groundbreaking opportunities in digital therapeutics, while supporting advancements in diagnostics and surgery.

The event will address three areas:

    1.    AI Perception: How can we use AI to better interpret human data in real time, focusing on body movements, to improve real-time 3D modelling and create more immersive human-AI interactions?

    2.    Large Language Models: How can we effectively combine LLMs with multi-modal tracking data and generative AI to create adaptive, real-time environments to gain insight into human cognition and behaviour through interaction with these systems?

    3.    Audiovisual Generative AI: How can the advancements in generative AI, including the creation of images, videos, sounds, and 3D worlds, be harnessed to develop novel therapeutic approaches and improve real-time control of stimuli in diverse environments?

Each of the above areas carries immense potential not just in digital therapeutics but also in the arts, specifically in the form of installations and immersive experiences. These artistic applications present an accessible approach to explore the potential and practicality of immersive technologies. However, it's when these sections come together that we can devise closed-loop interactive AI systems, which is the core focus of this workshop. 


Registrations are now open. To secure your spot, register here.


The workshop is a five-day event, with the first three days focusing on science and technology. For the first three days, every morning there will be a keynote and short presentations, allowing for a wide audience interaction. In the afternoons, an interactive discussion format will be used for more engaged discussions around self-organised topics. The third day ends with a public panel discussion.

The event will culminate in a two-day creative hackathon, where a diverse group of scientists, engineers, clinicians, entrepreneurs, and artists will collaborate to create tech-demos and interactive AI experiences. Some of these innovative ideas might be featured in the forthcoming Metamersion exhibition in March giving the general public a glimpse into the future of AI in digital therapeutics.

Workshop AI

Organising Committee

Johannes Stelzer
Niklas Fricke 
Alexander Loktyushin
Fatemeh Molaei
João Santinha 
Tiago Marques
Eric Lacosse 

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