30 September 2021

Art-residency programme marks the beginning of Champalimaud Foundation’s Art-Science Initiative

"Bridges to the Unknown - Crossing Art with Science" provides a platform in which invited artists will collaborate with researchers and healthcare professionals to create new links between science and art.

Art-residency programme marks the beginning of Champalimaud Foundation’s Art-Science Initiative

"Art and science investigate the same fundamental questions - why are we here and how the world works. They also share the same basic approach - creative exploration. It is not surprising then that the benefits of the interactions between science and art are becoming increasingly more recognised", says Julia Salaroli, a professional dancer and choreographer who co-coordinates Bridges to the unknown - Crossing Art with Science with neuroscientist Patrícia Correia.

The pair have been working together to create Champalimaud Foundation's art-science initiative, and are now ready to launch it with an in-house artistic residency programme. The first two artists will begin their stay at the Champalimaud Centre for the Unknown in October. 

According to Patricia, when the pair started working on Bridges to the Unknown, they had discovered that many community members had been involved in art and science projects and that many others were interested in joining. In fact, the first two resident artists of the programme have been in contact with Pedro Gouveia, a surgeon at the Breast Unit of the Champalimaud Clinical Centre.

“Dr. Gouveia had partnered up with plastic artist Clo Bourgard as well as with Tupac Martir, a multidisciplinary immersive artist, to explore the boundaries between art, science and medicine. This example resonates with the spirit of the Champalimaud Foundation’s community, which is made up of open and exploratory individuals who are a perfect match for this type of transdisciplinary programmes. Finding these links, these bridges, and strengthening them, has been very rewarding”, says Patrícia. 

The outcomes of the residency will be shared with the public as part of the Bridges to the Unknown cultural programme. "Later on, we will also launch a series of events for the general public in different formats, including concerts, films, dance performances and exhibitions", Patricia adds.   

"We are looking forward to witnessing the evolution of this initiative, which we hope will be beneficial to all parties", says Julia. "Bridges to the Unknown follows the overarching aim of the Champalimaud Foundation to promote cultural and intellectual diversity, as well as to foster the co-construction of a better future. We are excited to see where this conversation between artists, scientists, health professionals and the public will lead us", Julia concludes. 

By Liad Hollender, Science writer and editor of the CCU Communication, Outreach and Events team.
Clo Bourgard and Tupac Martir visiting the CCU
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