25 March 2021

Champalimaud Foundation's text won the 2021 "Acesso Cultura" Award

Since 2017, Acesso Cultura, an association based in Portugal that promotes physical, intellectual and social access to cultural participation, has awarded the “Acesso Cultura - Clear Language” Award every year, and this year Science Communication is being congratulated!

Champalimaud Foundation's text won the 2021 "Acesso Cultura" Award

In the 2021 edition, Acesso Cultura received 44 texts from 18 different entities/people, which were analysed by the Prize jury made up of Elsa Santos Alípio, Historian, Joana Fernandes, Clear Communication Consultant and Rita Tomás, Communication Director of Teatro do Bairro Alto. The selection of the jury came down to the texts presented by Casa Fernando Pessoa, Amigos do Coliseu do Porto and by the Champalimaud Centre's Communication, Events and Outreach Group. 

The text “Vais ou Ficas?” | “Should I stay or should I go?”, about one of Champalimaud Research's research projects in the field of Neuroscience, published in the Science Collection “Inside the Unknown”, was one of those distinguished by the “Acesso Cultura - Linguagem Clara” Award 2021.

During the online awards ceremony, the “Inside the Unknown” Science Collection Team shared the methodology that is followed for the writing of their texts and the way “Inside the Unknown” was conceived and implemented. The team also spoke of their motivations and how they hope, with this project, to expose the process of building scientific knowledge - where an answer gives rise to new questions.

The ceremony also featured a round table on "Clear Language in Cultural Communication", which brought together the 2020 winners, the 2021 winners, the members of the jury and journalist Vítor Belanciano, moderated by Hugo Sousa.

"Acesso Cultura - Linguagem Clara" Award Ceremony
Watch here the "Acesso Cultura - Linguagem Clara" Award Ceremony

More about Acesso Cultura and the Clear Language Award: “Since its founding, Acesso Cultura has sought to promote reflection and good practices in written communication in Portugal, both concerning the relevance of information to the final recipients, and with regard to the use of simple, accessible language. The Acesso Cultura - Clear Language Award, established in 2017, is a recognition that complements this effort, seeking to create additional motivation to study, implement and publicise good practices. Alongside other initiatives (for example, the “Accessible Communication: communication design and clear language” course, the promotion of debates and conferences and the sharing of news on these topics), Acesso Cultura wants to keep reflection alive, always present, whilst encouraging and helping the transition from theory to practice; therefore contributing to cultural access in Portugal.” In previous editions, the award was given to: Maria Matos Teatro Municipal (2017), Museum of the Presidency of the Republic (2018), Torres Novas Municipality (2019) and Gulbenkian Science Institute of the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation (2020).”

Champalimaud Foundation's text won the 2021 "Acesso Cultura" Award
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