05 March 2021

Champalimaud Foundation’s work with artificial intelligence is the fourth best in the world

According to a global ranking of non-profit institutions in prestigious scientific journal Nature, the Champalimaud Foundation is 4th in the world in the field of Artificial Intelligence.

Fundação Champalimaud é a quarta melhor do mundo em inteligência artificial

Champalimaud Foundation’s work with artificial intelligence is the fourth best in the worldIn the Nature TOP 10, there are institutions from Germany, the United States of America, Portugal, the Netherlands, Spain and the United Kingdom. According to Leonor Beleza, President of the Champalimaud Foundation, “it is a great honour for Portugal and for the Champalimaud Foundation to be at the forefront of scientific research”.

The Nature Index is built upon specific criteria, such as the number of scientific articles published in this area, the total number of article citations and the percentage of international collaboration articles.

At the Champalimaud Foundation, advanced mathematical models, machine learning, as well as artificial intelligence methods and algorithms are naturally being adopted by researchers to find out more about biology and specifically how the brain works; one of the reasons that defined the theme of this year's annual Symposium (CRS21): "Dialogues on Neural and Machine Intelligence". This event will focus on the interface of neuroscience, artificial intelligence and machine learning with the main goal of starting an interdisciplinary conversation about the deep conceptual problems that emerge when trying to understand how intelligent behaviour is generated in animals and machines, with a renowned panel of national and international speakers.

Pre-registration for CRS21 is now open

Nature Index
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