03 December 2020

LaMAA Courses are here

LaMAA's Neuroscience and Machine Learning Courses are now online!

LaMAA Courses Online

How can I be a better student? 

What is the best way to learn about topics that seem so complicated?

Am I using my full potential? 

How can I face the ever-changing world and future?

To answer these questions, a team of researchers and science communicators, from the Champalimaud Foundation and the TreeTree2 Association, with roots in the Instituto Superior Técnico, have created the Metacognition Laboratory: Learning how to Learn (LaMAA from the Portuguese “Laboratório de Metacognição: Aprender a Aprender).

LaMAA has now two courses available: one on Neuroscience and the other on Machine Learning. These online courses, free of charge and in Portuguese, follow a methodology based on metacognitive strategies or, in other words, a set of tools for curious minds who want to “learn how to better learn”.

In a world increasingly dominated by new technology and information (real or fake!), LaMAA puts itself forward as a project whose mission is to train young people and educators to optimise their learning processes. 

LaMAA wants to transform the trip that we embark on whenever we are learning something new, and which is so often difficult and tortuous, into something challenging, full of satisfaction and that awakens our desire to embark on new knowledge-seeking adventures!

Register for LaMAA courses through the website: https://www.lamaa.org/

The Metacognition Laboratory: Learning how to Learn (LaMAA) was one of the projects selected by the 2019 BPI “la Caixa” Infância Awards.

LaMMA Neuroscience Course
LaMMA Machine Learning Course
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