24 November 2021

Science on the Walls

This year marks the 25th anniversary of Science and Technology Week in Portugal and to celebrate this date, several events and activities are taking place all over the country, with the goal of reaching different target audiences. The Champalimaud Foundation joined the initiative.

 Science on the Walls

A team of researchers from the Champalimaud Foundation partnered with a group of street artists and created a set of artistic-scientific workshops that will take place during the afternoon of Saturday, 27th November, at the Junta de Freguesia das Águas Livres, in Cova da Moura - Amadora, open to all children and teenagers from this neighbourhood.

Urban art is a powerful tool for sharing messages with the public, and for addressing social problems. Science on the Walls | Ciência nas Paredes taps the power of urban art to bring together scientists and underprivileged children from this neighbourhood, drawing on their talent and energy. 

By instigating informal discussions and developing hands-on activities involving scientists, street artists and children, this collaboration aims to make science more accessible and relevant for everyone and, ultimately, to contribute to a more inclusive and diverse society in science and education. 

More about this event here.



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