20 July 2022

Zoom-In on Champalimaud - 2nd Edition - Issue 6

Have you ever wondered what a surgeon’s secret talent might be, or what karaoke song a neuroscientist would choose?

Our Zoom-In series shows you a side of the Champalimaud Foundation’s community you have never seen before…

Zoom-In on Champalimaud - 2nd Edition - Charlotte (Charlie) Rosher

Zoom-In on Champalimaud: Charlotte (Charlie) Rosher


Before entering the Champalimaud Foundation, I studied Evolutionary Biology on a Master’s programme that rotated around universities in Uppsala (Sweden), Montpellier (France), Munich (Germany) and Boston (USA). I love seeing the world through the lens of evolution but I have always been focussed in some way on brains and behaviour. Now I am investigating emotions and defensive behaviours for my PhD in the Behavioural Neuroscience lab (Moita lab). 

What do you like most and miss most about your hometown?

I was born in Bristol, UK, and my favourite thing about it is its explosion of street art on all the walls – it was great to move to Lisbon, which is equally colourful. 

Obviously, I miss my family most, but being from the UK I would have to say that my hometown has an excellent pub called The Plough. To get through the tough English weather is not for the faint-hearted, but The Plough has an ingenious fire and copper-pipe heating system that runs around the benches of the outdoor pub to keep you cosy. I miss English pub culture. 

What is your favourite Lisbon restaurant/cafe/food place and why?

​​Fortunately, I have replaced English pub culture with Portuguese tasca culture. Before arriving in Lisbon I had been strictly vegetarian for over ten years for environmental reasons. Then moving here and meeting the typical Portuguese menu headings - meat, fish, soup - I realised I might have to adapt. I still eat vegetarian food at home, but I have now adopted eating fish and shellfish in restaurants serving the local catch. My favourite so far is, without a doubt, Churrasqueira do Paz in São Bento. 

Do you play a musical instrument? If so, what type of music do you play?

I play the violin and am slowly building the courage to play with others and not just enjoy playing by myself. You can find me repeating and vibing with a jig or reel, usually getting faster and faster, especially if someone is willing to drum alongside. I love to improvise, and put the violin where you don’t expect it. My violin playlist has drum and bass, rap, cumbia… it’s versatile. 

Zoom-In on Champalimaud - 2nd Edition - Charlotte (Charlie) Rosher Zoom-In on Champalimaud - 2nd Edition - Charlotte (Charlie) Rosher
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