30 December 2021

Zoom-In on Champalimaud: The Reunion

For the final episode of the year, we decided to host a reunion! From funny stories, to life changing decisions, all our 2021 Zoom-In guests shared something special from the past year. 

Zoom-In on Champalimaud: The Reunion

But there’s more! During the interview, they also told us about great places to visit, cool music, fascinating podcasts and other discoveries they made this year. We couldn’t fit everything in the final cut, so we’ve listed their top recommendations below.

To view all 2021 individual episodes, tune in to the Zoom-In on Champalimaud YouTube playlist.


Cultural Centres: Nirvana Studios @ Queijas (Maria Inês Romano); Fábrica de Alternativas @ Algés (Francisco Romero)

Podcasts: Reset (Tatiana Silva); De eso no se Habla (Francisco Romero)

Outings: Olhos de Água & Aldeia da Praia (Daniel Münch)

Music: The album Day/Night by the Parcels (Tatiana Silva); Khruangbin & Benny Sings & Welle One Love (Daniel Münch); Todas las Madres del Mundo by Sílvia Pérez Cruz & MAE.SUN (Francisco Romero)

Films: Josep (Francisco Romero); No Time to Die (Pedro Gouveia); Dune (Catarina Pimentel)

Zoom-In on Champalimaud: The Reunion
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