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João Lab

João Lab

The experimental work of the Myeloma Lymphoma Research Programme includes a broad spectrum of research activity, where clinical haematologists from the Haemato-Oncology Unit and non-clinical researchers from Champalimaud Research work together to expand their knowledge of the biology of lymphoid neoplasms and their treatment.

Currently, we have several experimental research projects in collaboration with research groups including the Systems Oncology Group, the Computational Clinical Imaging Group and the Cancer Development and Innate Immune Evasion Group. These projects address questions such as mechanisms of progression of Multiple Myeloma, novel methods of evaluating bone disease, minimal residual disease in multiple myeloma and tailored therapy based on “in vitro” drug sensitivity evaluation.

We have received national funding through several research awards, including from the Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia (FCT).


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