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We do not perceive the world directly. Rather, our brains must decipher what is out there using the window of information we receive from our senses. The result of this process is referred to as a ‘model’ of the world. Understanding how brains construct and use internal models is a central problem in neuroscience. This problem can be approached by thinking of the brain as a kind of an intuitive scientist, collecting and analysing data, constructing and testing hypotheses based on those data, and revising them in light of new data. Each brain gets different data and produces a different model, making the beliefs that guide our actions subjective and sometimes wrong. Fortunately, like a good scientist, our brains can and do evaluate the quality of the data. This gives us a sense of confidence in our beliefs and decisions, helping us to know when our subjective reality is worth acting on and when to question it. Understanding how all this works in terms of neural circuits is the long-term goal of research in the Systems Neuroscience lab. 


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Mainen Lab


Mainen Lab

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Zachary Mainen

Principal Investigator

Adrian Razvan Sandru

Postdoctoral Researcher

Davide Crombie

PhD Student

Elisabete Augusto

Postdoctoral Researcher

Florian Rau


Giorgio Gristina

External PhD Student

Jaime Arlandis

2019 INDP PhD Student

João Marques

Postdoctoral Researcher

Kcénia Bougrova

2017 INDP PhD Student

Laura Silva

Research Technician

Magdalena Paluchowska

Visiting Scientist

Margarida Duarte


Niccolò Bonacchi

Data Coordinator / Data Architect

Olivier Winter

Lead DevOps Engineer

Scott Rennie

Postdoctoral Researcher

Solène Sautory

2017 INDP PhD Student

Stefan Hajduk

Masters Student

Tiago Quendera

2017 INDP PhD Student


Mainen Lab

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