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McNamee Lab

McNamee Lab

It is difficult to know what to do in this complex and noisy world. However, humans and animals are adept at intelligently adapting to novel tasks, particularly within their ecological niches, in a manner beyond the capabilities of machines. In order to help figure out how to rationalize behavior, various sources of information are available within the nervous system such as sensory signals from the body or external world, learned knowledge, and memories of past experiences. We are interested in developing novel insights into the computational algorithms and neural mechanisms supporting the intelligent processing of such information as well as it’s expression in natural behavior and neural activity.


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McNamee Lab

Know our Team

Daniel McNamee

Group Leader

Camillo Heye

Masters Student

Carlos Stein

Research Scientist

Francesco Trapani

Postdoctoral Researcher

Inês Laranjeira

2021 INPDP PHD Student

Marcel Graetz

Mariana Duarte

Research Assistant

Sara Silva Monteiro

Masters Student

Willian Walker

Postdoctoral Researcher

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