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Paton Lab

Learning to adaptively respond to cues in the environment that predict behaviourally relevant events is critical for survival. However, in the natural world, where animals are exposed to myriad sensory stimuli, learning the predictive value of cues is non-trivial. How do animals figure out which cues are predictive, and of what? This is called the credit assignment problem. Conceiving of this problem as statistical inference in the time domain offers a parsimonious account of animals’ learning abilities. In other words, when cues occur relative to meaningful events is what determines their information content, their usefulness, and thus, whether they warrant learning about. However, we still do not understand how the brain might keep track of times. We aim to reveal neural mechanisms for time by observing and manipulating neurophysiology in behaving rodents performing tasks that lead them to estimate intervals.


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Paton Lab

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Joe Paton

Joe Paton

Principal Investigator

António Raposo

António Raposo

Lab Administrator

Ben Zarov

Research Technician

Filipe Rodrigues

Research Technician

Francisco Azevedo

Research Technician

Georg Raiser

Postdoctoral Researcher

Gonçalo Guiomar

2016 INDP PhD Student

Margarida Duarte

Research Assistant

Margarida Sousa

2017 INDP PhD Student

Renato Sousa

External PhD Student

Rodrigo Martins

Research Technician

Simon Zamora Bustamante

Sofia Freitas

2019 INDP PhD Student

Teresa Serradas Duarte

PhD Student


Paton Lab

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