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Renart Lab

Renart Lab

Biological organisms are bound by the same rules as all other physical systems, but suggest different explanatory frameworks based on agency and purpose — that is, we describe them as making decisions. Simple perceptual decision-making tasks allow a rigorous quantitative investigation of the mechanistic underpinnings of the of process of “choice”, helping us tease apart the relative causal influence of external influences and a variety of internal processes during the specification of actions. In our lab, we use quantitative approaches to study various aspects of cognition that are relevant to decision-making. We are interested in understanding both the computational principles that are at play on a given behavioral task — both from a normative and from a mechanistic perspective — as well as in making progress towards elucidating the neural basis of these processes. Our strategy relies on the detailed analysis and theoretical modelling of behavior — as a starting point to the study of the function of the nervous system using recordings and perturbations.

Jan 2022 > There is an opening for a postdoctoral researcher. If you are interested, please contact Alfonso Renart via email.


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To find out more about our lab, contact Alfonso Renart via email.

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Renart Lab


Renart Lab

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Alfonso Renart

Principal Investigator

Ana Mafalda Valente

2019 INDP PhD Student

Anh Nguyen

2019 INDP PhD Student

Filipe Coutinho

Research Technician

Joan Gort

Research Assistant

João Pimenta

Masters Student

Juan Castiñeiras

2016 INDP PhD Student

Mauro Fernandes

Masters Student

Naz Belkaya

2021 INPDP PHD Student

Raphael Steinfeld

Postdoctoral Researcher

Sofia Freitas

2019 INDP PhD Student

Tiago Costa

2016 INDP PhD Student


Renart Lab

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