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Circuit Dynamics & Computation


Renart Lab

Renart Lab

We are interested in identifying generic principles governing the dynamics of cortical circuits and the way in which they produce function. Our current work evolves around two lines of research: sensory perception in the auditory modality – with an emphasis on the relationship between the response variability of sensory neurons and the accuracy of perceptual discriminations – and working memory, with a focus on the mechanisms underlying the maintenance of information across time in the prefrontal cortex. Our research strategy relies both on identifying characteristic signatures of population organization – through recordings of the simultaneous activity of neuronal populations during controlled behavioral tasks – as well as on developing a mechanistic understanding of how these patterns of population activity emerge – which we investigate by developing mathematical models of the underlying neuronal circuits.



If you are interested in joining our group, please contact Alfonso Renart via email.


Renart Lab

Know our Team

Alfonso Renart

Principal Investigator

André Monteiro

Research Technician

Davide Reato

Postdoctoral Researcher

João Afonso

2010 INDP PhD Student

Juan Castiñeiras

2016 INDP PhD Student

Sofia Freitas

Research Technician

Tiago Costa

2016 INDP PhD Student

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