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Ocular low-cost gene therapy


Seabra Lab

Seabra Lab

Our research group is focused on developing low-cost solutions to gene therapy in the eye so that the benefits of this powerful treatment may be available globally. The strategy is based on adapting mRNA technology to inherited eye diseases and numerous chronic retinal diseases. Our lab has been investigating approaches to combine the in vitro mRNA system with biomaterial-based systems as a patient-friendly therapy.


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To find out more about our lab, contact Miguel Seabra via email.


Seabra Lab

Know our Team

Miguel Seabra

Group Leader

Diogo Bruno

Research Technician

Luísa Lemos

Postdoctoral Researcher

Pedro Antas

Research Scientist

Sandra Tenreiro

Research Scientist

Shuvajit Rakshit

Visiting Scientist

Sofia Falcão

Postdoctoral Researcher

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