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Outdoor Amphitheatre

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Outdoor Amphitheatre

Situated by the sloping public sidewalk that leads down to the sea, the open-air amphitheatre and the infinity pool are already part of the heritage of the city of Lisbon. A perfect place and a perfect combination of architecture, nature and history of the site.

One of the most remarkable architectural elements of the Champalimaud Centre for the Unknown is its open-air amphitheatre. Its shape, inspired by the arena of ancient Greek theatres, distributes its 450 seating places in a semicircle, benefiting from the exceptional acoustics that characterise this type of entertainment space. Facing the Tagus river, it reaches the sea and finds, on the other bank, the neighbouring localities of Porto Brandão and Trafaria, which catch the eye of those who walk by or stop there. In the distance, the frame created by the Belém Tower, the 25 of April Bridge and the Cristo Rei literally transforms this site into a Lisbon postcard. And the sunrise and sunset find their best stage and audience here.

The Amphitheatre is equipped with a counter/bar, its own sanitary facilities and has an upper entrance through the public sidewalk running between the Champalimaud Centre for the Unknown’s two buildings, as well as a lower entrance that directly connects it to the riverfront walk. This space annually hosts the António Champalimaud Vision Award ceremony as well as a diversity of other events and cultural initiatives such as concerts and dance performances.


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