08 a 26 Jun. 2022

Insight Inside Exhibition

The Champalimaud Foundation inaugurates exhibition, with art pieces made from waste materials, that crosses art, science and health.

Insight Inside Exhibition

On June 8th, at 19h00, the Champalimaud Foundation opens the exhibition 'Insight Inside', the latest work by Clo Bourgard, in which the artist questions how our inner world brings us closer to nature and the environment, through pieces of art made exclusively with recycled materials.

The work will be showcased at the Champalimaud Foundation's Exhibition Hall until June 26th. The sculptures will be for sale on the p55.ART website, an online platform dedicated to art, and 20% of the sales goes to the non-profit Association Mama Help.

For this exhibition, Clo Bourgard recycled waste materials from the Champalimaud Center for the unknown laboratories and clinical activities, in order to create sculptures that encourage reflection on the inner aesthetics of the human being. Her work was built on sustainable thinking, where recycling is the main mechanism of creation. 

'Insight Inside' is part of the art-science-health residency project that Clo Bourgard is developing at the Champalimaud Foundation, within the scope of the Bridges to the unknown - crossing art with science programme. Her work was built on sustainability, where recycling was the main mechanism of creation. The collection of waste materials used in the exhibition was carried out in collaboration with the Green Team, from the Champalimaud Foundation.

Over the years, the artist has developed a growing interest on waste materials, which are discarded or loose their original purpose, using them has the main raw material of her work. Clo Bourgard had, under this artistic residency, the opportunity to add, to her artistic work, elements of the different Champalimaud Foundation's areas of activity, such as neuroscience and oncology.

According to Clo Bourgard “I believe that the concept of recycling objects motivates new behaviours, which can bring us closer to the environment”. “The discovery of the microscopic world of science offered me another perspective on nature, in the sense of envisioning a closeness between humans, animals and plants, which is often not visible in the macroscopic world”.

In 2021, the Champalimaud Foundation launched a cultural initiative that combines art, science, health and technology. Bridges to the unknown - crossing art with science, links the two main areas of activity of the Champalimaud Foundation - scientific research and healthcare - with research and artistic creation. The initiative aims to engage society in a transdisciplinary dialogue, promoting access to knowledge.

The Champalimaud Foundation is also concerned in developing individual and collective awareness of the impact of human actions on the world, with a commitment to implementing sustainable and environmentally friendly events, in addition to the numerous internal initiatives that it develops to reduce the environmental impact of its' activities. 

The Champalimaud Center to the Unknown continues to assert itself as a space for the promotion of intellectual and cultural diversity, open to the co-construction of knowledge. It is in this sense that now, with Bridges to the unknown and taking advantage of the cohabitation of science, health and technology in the same space, these connections with art will be strengthened.

'Insight Inside' is the moment when Clo Bourgard's residence opens up to the public. This is an invitation to reconnect body and mind and to reflect on what brings science, health and art together.

Additional information

Dates: 8th to 26th of June, 2022
Schedule: Wednesday to Sunday, from 13:00 to 20:00, free entrance
Location: Champalimaud Centre for the Unknown Exhibition Hall
Opening: 8th of June, 19:00-22:00

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