04 May 2022

Zoom-In on Champalimaud - 2nd Edition - Issue 4

Have you ever wondered what a surgeon’s secret talent might be, or what karaoke song a neuroscientist would choose?

Our Zoom-In series shows you a side of the Champalimaud Foundation’s community you have never seen before…

Zoom-In on Champalimaud - 2nd Edition - Ana Carolina Pádua

Zoom-In on Champalimaud: Ana Carolina Pádua

I hold a Master’s degree in Biomedical Engineering and a PhD in Molecular Biosciences from NOVA University, Lisbon. After completing my PhD project, I moved to Texas (USA) for an internship in High-Performance Computing. This experience allowed me to discover how supercomputers can contribute to making science more efficient and productive. 
Later, I joined the international organisation CERN to work as a Knowledge Transfer officer, providing support to projects in the field of Medical and Biomedical innovation. Currently, I am a researcher at the Champalimaud Foundation, where I study collective behaviour in fish by using a tracking system developed in the ‘Mathematics of Collective Behaviour and Intelligence Group’. 

Q. What is your personal motto?

I love this sentence from Thucydides, a Greek philosopher, which I think describes my attitude towards life very well: “The secret to happiness is freedom, and the secret to freedom is courage”. 

Q. What do most people not know about you?

Since I tend to be a bit shy, most people don´t know that I took part in an amateur theatre group for more than 10 years. Theatre is a passion for me and I would love to conjugate it with my scientific skills for creating something like explaining complicated scientific topics in a show for the general public. 

Q. What is your most memorable Carnival costume?

The one I enjoyed the most was a bee costume. It was customised by my mother, who was organising a reveller group to take part in Sines Carnival. The costume was very elaborate; it had lots of colour, glitter and funny details. But what made this Carnival very special was the fact that my best friends and family joined the group, and we made the most fun swarm ever!

Q. What is your ultimate vacation destination?

It would be epic if I could float around the earth in a space station or look at it from the moon (who knows?), preferably at a very old age. The sky is not the limit! I would be looking at this amazing planet, and being grateful for all the good moments I spent in this little spot of the universe. 

Zoom-In on Champalimaud - 2nd Edition - Ana Carolina Pádua
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